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Pilot a new generation fighter aircraft in a new absorbing game - Shootiah
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3 July 2008

Shootiah 2.0 review

Shootiah is an exciting 3D action game that takes you on a mission to save the world from the dreadful attacks of the terrorists.
Get along with your shooter aircraft that has been specially entrusted to save your world from the deadly feud of the terrorist community. These terrorists are trying to engulf the industrial and natural resources of the countries become more powerful. At this stage the Federal aero-carrier of the United Europe has emerged with the multi-mission fighter "FMX-1". You are the hero pilot of this ultramodern aircraft with the mission to combat with the terrorist attacks. With simple keyboard or mouse controls you have to aim your targets and start to conquer the terrorist clusters. With simple install and uninstall options this thrilling game comes with lifetime technical support.
Outstanding graphics, enchanting sound effects, keyboard and mouse controls, and a simple user interface, are the other features of this games.

Publisher's description

Shootiah game is a thrilling 3D simulator.
The year 2017. The leaders of the biggest terroristic organizations have used the complicated political situation between West and Middle East to come in power in a number of Asian and North African countries by military coups.
The new governors of Gulf States unite in one terroristic coalition "Sword of Asia" and declare feud to the whole civil world.
This situation allowed the terrorists to get an access to industrial and natural resources of the countries under control, that provided the vigorous growth of their military power.
Federal aerocarrier of the United Europe with escort comes to the Mediterranean Sea to provide the control over sea lanes and air areas of terroristic countries. The new multi-mission fighter "FMX-1" is on board. The new machine has passed all the tests successfully except the last and the critical one - testament in combat conditions. You are a pilot of an ultramodern craft, and the future of the whole world is in your hands.
Shootiah game is thrilling and absorbing. Colourful 3D graphics, unique sound background and captivating plot will leave no one indifferent. Play Shootiah absolutely free!

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